The never ending City: New York

The most curious thing about New York is that it changes continuously, always remaining the same. Almost like looking at yourself in the mirror and noticing that something is different but, you are always yourself.


I remember my first time in New York, that feeling of daze looking from the window of the Hotel, the myriad of heads that obscured the sidewalks and the sound of the sirens of the ambulances, those of the firemen, while a column of steam came out of the ventilation grills of the underground. It has not changed over the years.

It is true to its nature, independent, a bit nonconformist, a little obvious. People think about using it, but its energy overwhelms it. This is the peculiarity of strong personalities.

Nothing is forever in New York, except New York.


You’ll find throughout the year, some of the world’s most famous events,  musical performances and art exhibitions. Trendy neighborhoods are catalysts of ideas and, as ideas develop, they are born, realized and projected towards new projects.

Everything is in some way fictitious, momentary, fast.
Trendy is … change, planning.

Except for coffee. It is drunk in paper cups from the mid-19th century and continues to be a cult accessory, it is the leit motif of the doc New Yorker.

Here, feeling at home.

Vado…a presto.



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